Our Voice on Capitol Hill

Becky Abbott is leading efforts to help NFED families understand their insurance benefits and educate legislators for coverage for ectodermal dysplasias.

Volunteer Spotlight

Our office volunteers show up on short notice to fold letters from appeals to special events, to stuff and address thousands of envelopes we mail each year. They relentlessly give of their time and help wherever needed which makes a great difference for our staff. They help with creating silent auction baskets, copying, filing, folding…

Volunteer Spotlight: Our Website Committee

Building an all-new NFED.org is a major undertaking! Luckily, we have five volunteers who are advising us at every step of the way. The research phase of the project began in June of 2015. We are excited about how the site is developing. The big reveal will be in November. For their hard work and…

Geismar Family Gives Back with Annual Halloween Bash

By Alice Geismar Seventeen years ago this November, my husband, Bruce and I were awaiting the birth of our second grandchild. Our first grandson, Jack was almost two and we were enlisted to watch him while Ruth and Keith went to the hospital. It was immediately apparent that Ryan had serious problems. He looked like…

Meet the People Who Helped Plan the 2012 Fam Con

2012 Family Conference Committee July 18-21, 2012 Orlando, Florida Our Family Conference Committee offered lots of great ideas for this year’s National Family Conference in Orlando. Because of their input, we have added a track for young adults and a “buddy” program where we will pair up veteran families with new families at the conference….